The switch from Vim

For the past five years, my go-to text editors have been Vim and gVim/MacVim. Currently, I work on macOS with Ubuntu, as a target OS, running on the local VMware Fusion virtual machine. Personally, I prefer to use the macOS GUI over Ubuntu and do not enjoy constantly switching between... [Read More]

Docker run/exec and carriage return

Recently, I was writing a script whose function was to retrieve and parse a list of processes that were running in a docker container. The script was based on another script that did the same by ssh-ing to a remote server. However, my grep/sed/awk command set did not work despite... [Read More]
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Google Docs and C++ 11

While writing about smart pointers in C++ I’ve noticed a funny thing: Google Docs know about C++ syntax but not about C++ 11-17! It showed the following suggestion: [Read More]
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